Want to improve your car wash???  Start here.  If the chemistry isn’t right… everything else is irrelevant.

Car Wash Guys carries products that pack the power to clean efficiently with just about any wash equipment while maintaining a cost advantage over the competition.

A long time ago, we were just another chemical sales company.  We carried a few different brands of chemical, hooked it up as the directions on the label said to.  We even had chemical sales guys working for us that had been in the business for a great many years, and always did it like that.  But we didn’t know what we didn’t know.Gabe Chemical

As the years went on, we started to look at chemicals in a whole new way.  Setting up car wash chemicals properly isn’t just a science, it is an art.  When it is done correctly, it puts on a show for the customers, minimizes impact on the environment, and saves the car wash operator money.

Today, we can truly say that we know more about the science and art of car wash chemical delivery and application than any of our competitors in the market.  Don’t believe it?  Give us a call.  We’ll set you up with a free, no risk 10 day trial of our system.  At the same time, we will evaluate your current set up and give you a complete cost per car analysis showing the cost savings with our products vs. your current products.  What do you have to lose?  At the very least, have us do a cost calculation on your current set up to see if your current chemical guy is using exactly what he says he is per car.