Car Wash Guys has been servicing car washes as long as car washes have been washing cars…

Car Wash Guys Owners

Mike Darrah (right), the original founder of Car Wash Guys, got into the car wash business after working with Hotsy Pressure Washers.  He has installed and serviced car wash equipment all over the states of Wisconsin and Illinois.  His experience in and dedication to the industry are unparalleled in the market.  Over his time in the industry, he has been a representative for great names such as Grace Lee, Hydrospray, Pro Equipment Company, Washworld, Istobal USA, and Sonny’s.  More importantly, years ago, he decided to pass the trade on to some young entrepreneurial men.

In 2005, Davinder Toor (left) and Gabriel Helkowski (center) joined Mike in the creation of what is today Car Wash Guys LLC.  They set out to create a car wash service company that was responsive to the needs of clients.  They created a company that put customers first, and knew absolutely that success would come only when their customers were successful themselves.